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PIAC 2017 Composite Average Asset Allocation – Annual Update

The PIAC asset allocation can be a useful benchmark and starting point for personal investment portfolio construction and management.

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2017 Balanced Fund Performance

The recently released RBC Investor and Treasury services annual Pooled Fund survey for the period ending Q4, 2017 shows the average Balanced fund returns over all time frames as, well, average IE 6.5% to 8.5%.

Note the average return of 6.54% for the 10 year period (2008-2017). Investors will see the 10 year number bump up next year when the brutal performance of 2008 falls off and 2018 is added. Investors will recall the S&P/TSX did -35% and the S&P 500 did -38% in 2008.

RBC Balanced median returns to Dec 31, 2017

Click Chart for larger image of: RBC Balanced median returns to Dec 31, 2017





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