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Institutional Investing – The Right Approach – for Individual Investors.

See the GlobeandMail’s CPP portfolio updated to Dec 31/2011.

(Note that the Bond allocation is still about 1/3rd).

CPP Portfolio at Dec 31, 2011













Individual Investors who appreciate the approach of investing like a pension fund might be interested in the following articles.

Rob Carrick, Feb 24, 2012, “Riding out the storm, Pension fund style“,

Michael Nairne, Nov 26, 2011, ‘Learning from the Investment Leaders’, National Post.

Jacqueline Nelson, Nov 16, 2011, ‘Institutionalize Yourself’,

Jason Heath, Oct 25, 2011,”How to invest like the Canada Pension Plan”,

Rob Carrick, Aug 11, 2010,”CPP’s strategy offers useful pointers on playing it safe”,

Doug Cronk, Jan 15, 2009, “Use the CPP as an Investment guide”, Institutional Investing for Individual Investors

Next time? More Risk Management.
Doug Cronk CFA is Manager, Investments for a Canadian Pension Plan
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